• "... the body is not a thing, it is a situation,
    it is our understanding of the world
    and the sketch of our project."
    Simone de Beauvoir

    There is a movement that for a long time has been modifying a society stuck in an unfair and structured role assignment.

    In mid-2017, the idea of carrying out this project arises with the intention of making visible the invisible, of being a part and witnesses of a transformation that unfailingly happens, that speaks to us, awakens us. Hearing that voice was what motivated us to engage in this project. It is inspired by an African story called “The leopard woman” and some personal experiences.

    In the 9 minutes of the video, Butoh dance and improvisation techniques are integrated, creating a unique and unrepeatable moment. It was recorded in just one day, without prior rehearsal, in a single shot with two cameras and using only natural daylight.

    Curatorial Text

    Exhibition: Transformación
    Video + Photography

    Marcela Villagrán directs a proposal that, from a feminine approach, poses the evolution of the Self, of every woman, or of the entire humankind by extension.

    Through the expressiveness of her dancer, in a dynamic of guidelines without rehearsals, we go to the origin. To recognize our primary world with atavistic fear, its assimilation, the construction of the self, of sexuality and motherhood, to finally know who we are and act in expansion on the environment.

    All expressed with the crudeness of forms of the Butoh dance, the reality of natural light, in a daring proposal of recreation of our existence of only 9 minutes.

    It is noteworthy the driving need to express herself of Marcela Villagrán, the technique of Julio Tejeda and the ability of physical communication of Ivana Daverio.

    Because it is understandable that independent artists lack the strength to face such demanding projects, so because of the audacity, the work, the exposure and the courage, there is nothing left to say other than... Thank you!!

    Romina Bardone

    Presentation at the Amigos de Eladia Blázquez Cultural Center
    November 9, 2019